Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best Places to Play Tennis in Taipei

Typically reserved for paying members but for those connected to students or faculty, an excellent place to stay competitive. If not, be prepared to get expelled. Only good students will excel... 

National Taiwan University     Cross: Xin Sheng S. Road & Xin Hai Road
Taipei City South: Da An District Mo-Fri 6:00am to 5:00pm, after hour night courts
No.1, Roosevelt Road Sec.4, Sat-Sun: 6:00am to 4:00pm, after hour night courts 
Da An District, Taipei City Lit Courts, 9 total - 2 Clay / 7 Hard

Hands down the classiest international tennis club I've been to - if you get a chance go see it. The lobby has traditional Taiwan costumes that will pique your interest in the Orient. Many amenities, too numerous to list. 

See picture below...

Somewhat difficult to get in, but go by schedule/appointment with the head coach. There are clinics and plenty of pro's on staff to improve your game. Overall a fantastic experience even if you only speak English. Just use your hands, point to ball and racket, give them a big smile... and you will feel at home in short order.

Members of the AC, including coach Stephanie Wang. In the background you can see the prominent features of the Grand Hotel which has its own club.

If you are interested in combining tennis with a stroll through the park and nearby exhibition areas you will find the Tennis Court Taipei City convenient. Located relatively close to the city center, a regional airport, and the above mentioned tennis courts this facility is easy to get to. Its more difficult to find a pick-up match here so bringing friends is your best bet.

Tennis Court Taipei City 5:00am to 10:00pm daily
No. 4, Nan Jing E. Road Sec. 4, non peak, before 7pm - NT$60/hr/person
Taipei City (Song Shan District) peak, after 7pm - NT$140/hr/person
Near Taipei Arena/Airport Six lit hard courts, pro shop (essentials)


On the hard courts: Left, Philip Su (Scorpion Tennis Academy)
Right: author shown with Chris Evert "Miss Chris" wooden frame. 

Nearby Park.

Park areas next to pay courts are nice to explore. Also frequented by newly weds, paparazzi and the usual foot-folk.


These and others tennis courts, including schedules, please check link below

... pLAy tO WiN ...

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